If you appreciate wine, chances are that you’ve the finest collections to sip over, and sometimes, glide into a giggly stupor too. Having a range of good calibre wines requires a right kind of space, and these days, mini bars are a huge trend among wine snobs. These bars have an advantage over regular cabinets, for how they turn a sterile room into a space with loads of charisma and an relaxed ambience. They look pretty attractive and are portable too.

Since mini bars are the much commercialized decor items and their craze is increasingly hotting up, we’ve rounded up 15 Best Home Mini Bar Cabinets you can buy in 2018.


But before, here’s a list of features you must consider before buying a wine/bar cabinet. Check them out.

  1. Lockable Cabinets: Just for added security to your glass-made wine bottles.
  2. Wine Rack: Not all cabinets come with wine racks. If you’re fond of wines, narrow the selection to those bar cabinets, having wine racks.
  3. Refrigerator: A built-in refrigerator comes really nice if you’re fond of sipping icy cold drinks. There aren’t many cabinets, which feature one, but some offer behind-the-bar fridge.
  4. Foot Railing: A lot of cabinets have foot railings to help you sit comfortably on the bar stools. Besides this, it adds a punch to the overall ‘trippy’ ambience.
  5. Wine Glass Storage: Wine cabinets have stem glass storages to hold wine glasses. You need to see if they’re built to offer the right grip, and sturdy enough to handle the weight.

Now that you’re aware of the features you must look into before spending on a bar cabinet, let’s dive into the best bar cabinets the market has to offer. Let’s go!

South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet101 Pounds17 x 35.8 x 36.8 inches
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Expandable Wine Bar120 Pounds36" L x 14.25" W x 36" HBuy now
America Mendocino Wine Cabinet90 Pounds
47.24"L x 15.75"W x 35.04"HBuy now
Burlington Solid Wood Low Storage Cabinet41 Pounds
30 x 14 x 31 inches
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South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet 121 Pounds
17 x 39.6 x 40.2 inches
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Howard Miller Barossa Valley Wine and Bar Cabinet334 Pounds
23 x 43 x 75 inches
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Corner Arms Bar with Wine Storage
117 Pounds
22.4 x 31.5 x 69 inches
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Monarch Specialties I 2543, Home Bar73 Pounds
24 x 15.5 x 60 inches
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America Julienne Modern Sliding Door Wine Bar88 Pounds33''h x 47 "w x 16 "dBuy now
Southern Enterprises Shadowbox Wine Cabinet208 Pounds
62 x 25.5 x 5.2 inches
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Howard Miller 690-000 Piedmont Corner Wine Cabinet80 Pounds
19 x 32.5 x 76 inches
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Coaster 100156 Home Furnishings Bar 66 Pounds
51 x 0 x 0 inches
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RAM Gameroom Products 60-Inch Bamboo Tiki Bar
132 Pounds24 x 60 x 89 inchesBuy now
Trinity Black Fold Away Bar
100 Pounds39.25"H x 22" W x 14" DBuy now
Howard Miller 695-074 Butler Wine & Bar Cabinet
88 Pounds
19.8 x 24 x 39.2 inches
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#1. South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle and Glass Storage, Black Oak

South Shore Vietti multi-functional bar cabinet is a piece of class, adding a lot of personality to your living room. Space isn’t a restriction with a built-in rack to hold up to 8 glasses, well-aligned storage spaces to stock up to 12 liquor bottles, and a handy drawer to keep the accessories you might need while slugging your drinks. The spill-proof top and a towel holder make sure that the mess doesn’t spill over too much. The holders are designed to have a tighter grip of your wine and martini glasses, so that you don’t end up losing your bar collections to cracks and breaks. Good stuff apart, the assembly of this bar cabinet is quite tedious to do, if not tough. It’s also heavy, so you’ll end up investing an hour or so to construct the whole liquor cabinet.


 #2. Expandable Wine Bar

This is rather an ordinary looking wine cabinet, but incredibly spacious with 12 wine slots, wine glass holders, two shelves & cabinets, a cutting board, wide top and a drawer. That means, you’ll not feel constricted for space while stacking up your liquor. It’s fairly a nice piece of furniture with greater customizability and not-so-bulkier frame. The only downside is the rambling directions in the handbook, which make it really confusing to setup the entire cabinet. Also, a few buyers have complained of receiving this cabinet with wrongly labeled parts and certain missing components, which definitely spoils its case as a value product.

 #3. Furniture of America Mendocino Wine Cabinet Buffet, Espresso

If you’re a modern aesthetic enthusiast, Furniture of America Wine Cabinet Buffet has everything to offer. It has a standard wooden frame with a two-tier wine rack and a glass rack to keep your liquor bottles in safe grip. The two-shelved cabinets and a drawer in the middle make this cabinet ideal for keeping plates, bowls and other meal needs, and double it up as a stylish dinner buffet server. Assembling its various components is simple, though time-consuming. All in all, it’s an attractive cabinet with quite a lot of room to accommodate your wine vintages, and has a great scope of utility as a dinner buffet.

 #4. Simpli Home Burlington Solid Wood Low Storage Cabinet, Espresso Brown

The Burlington Low Storage Cabinet has a ‘textbook’ design, the most typical of kind, and isn’t a liquor/wine cabinet essentially. However, the two adjustable shelves inside offer versatility to use it as a whiskey cabinet, and let you stow away your liquor safely in a room. Since it’s enclosed, you can keep your alcoholic beverages away from your child’s reach, and help your room look clutter-free. It has a rich, wooden finish, which makes it mix beautifully with various interior settings and room colors. Setup is a snap, so you’ll saving a lot of time and effort. As a drawback, there are only a few pre-drilled holes inside, which don’t allow you to aim better utility with this cabinet. In fact, several users have talked about drilling additional holes to make this cabinet do more.

 #5. South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle Storage and Drawers, Black Oak

Vietti Bar Cabinet has a unique 3-tier configuration, much to save up a lot of alcohol at home. Customizability is the biggest selling point of this cabinet, as it features replaceable diagonal shelves, which when removed, offer a plenty of room behind two doors to keep other important meal essentials, like crockery or kitchen baskets. The vinyl coated top tray and nickel-plated metal handles (to control drawers) make it a gorgeous piece of furniture to own. Assembling is easy and straightforward, but requires a second person to make handling easier. This cabinet has the best quality standards in place, and is pretty robust too.

#6. Howard Miller Barossa Valley Wine and Bar Cabinet

This Hide-a-Bar cabinet is a viable choice to stow away a generous quantity of alcohol, and keep your interiors clean and minimalistic. The design is pretty exquisite, featuring paneled doors and contemporary inset panels of Ash Burl veneers in a parquet pattern. The doors have shelving too, to keep up to 22 bottles of wine easily and keep enough servings for the guests, who may arrive unexpectedly. An upper fixed shelf can be fashioned as glass holders, making it a full-fledged bar space amplifying the appeal of your living room. You’ll end up loving this cabinet for how the lights come on automatically when you open it. Overall, it’s a pretty wine and bar cabinet, perfect to keep a good amount of liquor while holding up other ‘bar’ essentials easily.

#7. Corner Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage (Mahogany)

Corner Arms Bar is a lovely and one of best corner wine cabinets, and ooze sophistication. The real beauty is its mirrored walls, just behind the racks, which create a real bar-like atmosphere and up the decor quotient to a notch. There’s a glass rack, which can at most hold 4 wine glasses. Below, there are two storage spaces with a common door, offering you a plenty of space to keep any other stuff you wish. It’s an easy to install bar, which can be ideally positioned in a corner to add a streak of glamor to your room. In totality, it’s a perfect, slim-looking, and a robust to hold your spirits.

#8. Monarch Specialties I 2543, Home Bar, Ladder Style, Cappuccino, 60″H

Monarch Specialities is for a wine buff, who’s looking for pretty much everything into a bar cabinet – shelves, drawers, glass holders, and a load of space to stock up the spirits. This bar features a spectacular design with 4 open shelves, a suspended glass holder, a patterned storage space with a capacity to accommodate up to 15 bottles, and a drawer to keep the accessories handy. With an impressive build quality and finish of ikea black-brown furniture, Monarch Specialities is certainly a decor item you need. If negatives are to be listed, the instructions to setup are darn confusing and unclear. You might end up fiddling with parts & components while arranging them in order, but the final result will be worth it. Another complaint is the wine rack, which isn’t wide enough to accommodate glasses of bigger bases. That’s quite a disadvantage there.

#9. Furniture of America Julienne Modern Sliding Door Wine Bar Dining Server (cappuccino)

An upmarket wine and liquor cabinet with exceptional looks and an abundance of storage space to not just store up the spirits, but other bar items in a number of shelves and drawers. This cabinet is such a stunner that it will surely elevate the overall appeal of your drawing room. There’s an open shelf at the right, accompanied by a storage space, which can hold up to 16 standard alcohol bottles. On the left, there’s an enclosed cabinet and drawers, which make it effortless to store bar accessories and other dining supplies. And the center strip showcases 3 open shelves, where you can keep the crockery and dishes away. That said, assembling the entire cabinet is a bit of pain with so many components to fix together and a user manual with no clear instructions.

#10. Southern Enterprises Shadowbox Wine/Bar Cabinet, Black

This wine/bar cabinet is perhaps the most elaborative of its kind, featuring 6 glass racks, 17 wine bottle holders, and 12 assorted compartments. It’s a slice out of contemporary fashion, decked up with black & white finish and stainless white legs. Having said that, we can’t really find faults with this cabinet over its fantastic storage, sturdy build and a design that makes your room look handsome. Needless to say, it’s an attractive cabinet, but not free of its caveats. Constructing this entire cabinet is not a one-man job. You’d require a helping hand.

#11. Howard Miller 690-000 Piedmont Corner Wine Cabinet

This wine cabinet features a back-to-basics, traditional design, but looks so attractive that you’d fall for this in a jiffy. It’s sleek, but very spacious, so your worries of keeping your lavish wines are unfounded. There are two storage cabinets below, and a wine rack in between, which is equipped to hold up to 13 bottles. The rustic cherry finish looks great, and glass door panels take the overall appeal up a notch. Just in case, you’re over-concerned about the security of your expensive wines, the lock door facility is also available. And the relief is, the entire liquor cabinet is pre-assembled. What you need to do is adjusting the glass shelves only. In totality, this is a chic decor piece, adding oodles of ambience to your living space and looking immensely beautiful.

#12. Coaster 100156 Home Furnishings Bar Unit, Weathered Grey

With no drawers and cabins, Coaster Home Furnishings bar cabinet is one distinguished bar cabinet on the list. Carved into a unique ‘U’ shape, this is a sleekly designed bar to match with rustic decor settings. This snazzier furniture has weathered wood finish with light dust wax, which makes it really raw and natural to look at. The shelves are sturdy and don’t wobble much when you put the weight of your liquor or any of your appliance. The only shortcoming is its complicated setup, which might leave you scratching your head. Otherwise, this is a very charming piece of furniture, which can do a magic to your dull, not-so-colorful interiors, and we can write it on a paper for you.

#13. RAM Gameroom Products 60-Inch Bamboo Tiki Bar

It’s a bamboo-made bar cabinet, a thing that might sound a bit silly, but it’s actually of great value. Bamboo bar cabinets are a rare sight, and if you try owning one, you’ve a bar that stands out the rest. Specs-wise, it packs stemware holders for the glasses, shelves below to keep the bottles, and 2 torches, which make it an alcohol cabinet ideal for outdoors. You can simply light up the torches, and spend your night drinking with friends. To make it travel-friendly and solid to stow around, the manufacturers have taken care to use the finest bamboo, which is a welcome addition. Only issue is the setup, which might take you some time to get through.

#14. Trinity Black Fold Away Bar

Trinity Black Fold Away Bar is a slimline cabinet, designed to save you space while not compromising on the storage space and allowing you to expand your room’s capacity smartly. The doors, when opened completely, doubles up in size and provides for more room to keep your liquor and barware. The black color of this cabinet makes it a perfect fit for different decors and backdrops.

#15. Howard Miller 695-074 Butler Wine & Bar Cabinet

This wine & bar cabinet is a brilliant decor piece to boost the aesthetics of your living space. It features a wood stemware rack to hold your glassware and wineries, and a ‘x’-shaped wine rack with an adjustable shelving to store up to 14 bottles of spirits. The top tray is detachable, so you can easily use to serve drinks to your guests. Also, this is a lockable liquor cabinet, which makes it easy to secure your liquor. Long story short, this black finish alchohol cabinet looks amazing, no matter what interiors you’ve picked for yourself. You can buy this one without any second thought.

Here’s the wrap. These are the best home mini bars you can try out in 2018. If you’ve something interesting to add to this, drop in line in the comments section below.